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Garden Lane in Allonby Allonby Village Cottages near the beach in Allonby Near the beach in Allonby Lane in Allonby Church near Allonby.

The Thompson Family:

The children of a schoolmaster.

Also born in this place:



Information about transcripts of wills can be found here

Sarah BARTON,   Abt 1772

Elizabeth Jane GILLESPIE,   1822

Thomas Boucher GILLESPIE,   1825

Jane Ann HARRISON,   1882

Mary Alice HARRISON,   1880

Richard Studholme HARRISON,   1878

Sarah Valentine HARRISON,   1884

Barbara SCOTT, 1839

George SHARP,   Abt 1780

James SHARP,   Abt 1783

John Hartness SHARP,   Abt 1868

Martin SHARP,   Abt 1831

Mary SHARP,   12 July 1810

Alexander TOCHER ,  1869

Mary Hall TOCHER,   1867


Although for many generations in Cumberland, some of this family  made their way to London.

Abraham STUDHOLME,   1835

James Sharp STUDHOLME,   1837

Jane Ann STUDHOLME,   1838

John STUDHOLME,   1833

Joseph STUDHOLME,   1845

Mary STUDHOLME,   1843

Nancy STUDHOLME ,  1850

Richard STUDHOLME,   1852

Robert STUDHOLME ,  1848

Ruth STUDHOLME,   1841

Abraham Studholme THOMPSON,  1880

Charles THOMPSON,   1862

Charles THOMPSON,   Abt 1826

Ernest THOMPSON,   1885

George Sharp THOMPSON,   1877

Henry THOMPSON,   Abt 1837

John THOMPSON,   Abt 1857

Joseph THOMPSON,   Abt 1860

Mary Ann THOMPSON,   1874

Robert James THOMPSON,   1875

William Henry THOMPSON,   1854


A family who moved into Carlisle.  

Annie Isabel BLAYLOCK,   1902

Joseph WIlliam BLAYLOCK,   1903

Mary Lizzie BLAYLOCK,   1904

Mason BLAYLOCK,   1906

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Situated on the coast, Allonby is a small village where some of the streets are still cobbled  as they would have been in the time of our ancestors.  

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