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St Michael, Arthuret The Church of St Michael, Arthuret

The Gillespie/Gillespy Family:

No doubt originally from Scotland, this family gradually moved southwards within Cumberland.  Few were to carry on the family name.  

Also born in this parish:


WILLS - Full transcripts of the following can be provided here:

We have records of names and relationships from these wills:

Elizabeth GILLESPIE,  1776

James GILLESPIE,   1696

James GILLESPIE,   1769

Jane GILLESPIE,   1720

Jane GILLESPIE,   1722

Jane GILLESPIE,   1773

Janet GILLESPIE,   1702

John GILLESPIE,   1682

John GILLESPIE,   1727

Margaret GILLESPIE,   1764

Richard GILLESPIE,   1733

Richard GILLESPIE,   1762

William GILLESPIE,   1686

William GILLESPIE,   1699

Henry Hodgson BARTON,  1864

Margaret CARRUTHERS,   1844

Margaret FELL,   Abt 1817

Andrew Kennedy FERGUSON,   1861

Elizabeth GRAHAM,  Abt 1821

James HARRISON,   1855

Ann JAMES,   1774

Jane JAMES, 1791

Mary Ann JAMES,   1785

Thomas LIGHTFOOT,   1883

Annie PEEL,   1864

Robert SANDERSON,   Abt 1845

The Wright Family:

Eleanor WRIGHT,   1805

John WRIGHT,    1800

Margaret WRIGHT,    1815

Mary WRIGHT,    1797

Richard WRIGHT,    1812

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Situated about a mile from Longtown, Arthuret Church is dedicated to St Michael and All Angels.  

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