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These pictures were taken in 2005 at the grand reopening of the Blencogo Village Hall  originally built in the 1850s as the village school by George Dixon, a close relative of the Boucher family.  To celebrate the occasion, scarecrows were made and lined the main street of the village.

Old school in BlencogoOld Forge, BlencogoThe home of Jonathan Boucher

Bouch and Boucher:

A fascinating part of  our family tree, particularly our close relations Mary and Jonathan.  

School Cottages, Blencogo Main Street, Blencogo

Also born in this village:

The farm area beside the home of Jonathan Boucher. Blencogo Farm


WILLS - Full transcripts of the following can be provided here:

We have records of names and relationships from these wills:


Isaac Tordiff has been on our tree for 40 years but we still know very little about him.  We continue to collect any references to this surname in the hope of finding his parents.  

Ann TORDIFF,   1770

Isaac TORDIFF ,  1769

Isaac TORDIFF,   1770

James Boucher TORDIFF,   1776

Jane TORDIFF,   1772

Nancy TORDIFF,   1766

William TORDIFF,   1770

Ann BOUCH,  1687

Catherine BOUCH,   1666

Catherine BOUCHER,   1727

Isabel BOUCH,   1683

James BOUCHER,   1695

Jane BOUCHER,   1741

Janet BOUCH,   1657

Janet BOUCH,   1663

Janet BOUCH,   1657

John BOUCH,   1660

John BOUCH,   1667

John BOUCH ,  1686

John BOUCH,   1690

John BOUCHER,   1699

John BOUCHER,   1734

Jonathan BOUCHER,   1702

Jonathan BOUCHER,   1737

Joseph BOUCH,   1691

Mabel BOUCH,   1655

Margaret BOUCH,   1686

Mary BOUCH,   1658

Mary BOUCH,   1661

Mary BOUCH,   1664

Mary BOUCH,   1689

Mary BOUCHER,   1735

Thomas BOUCH,   1688

Ann DONALD,   1700

Thomas DONALD,   1698

William DONALD,   1696

Matthew HARRISON,   7 May 1796

Mary MARTINDALE,   1664

Margaret STUDHOLME,   1850

Catherine THOMLINSON,   1707

Frances THOMLINSON,   1656

Gillian THOMLINSON,   1657

Margaret THOMLINSON,   1659

Robert THOMLINSON,   1712

William THOMLINSON,   1704


Distantly related to the Bouch family.  Richard  Jackson was a farmer.  

Ann JACKSON,   1749

Betty JACKSON,   26 October 1801

Biddy JACKSON,   1766

Jane JACKSON ,  23 November 1803

John JACKSON,   1764

Joseph JACKSON,   1761

Joseph JACKSON,   1826

Richard JACKSON,   1773

Robert JACKSON,   1753

Robert JACKSON,   11 August 1808

William JACKSON,   1755

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