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St James Church in Buttermere. The church in Buttermere. The view from Buttermere Church into the village. The bridge over Salt Beck. Salt Beck in Buttermere.

Salt Beck

Born or baptised in this parish:


Ann COWMAN,  1852

George COWMAN,   1855

Mary COWMAN,   1854

Dinah DIXON,  1804

Ann LIGHTFOOT,   1829

Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT,   1816

Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT,   1819

Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT,   1826

Jane LIGHTFOOT,   Abt 1827

John LIGHTFOOT ,  1818

Joseph LIGHTFOOT,   1832

Joseph LIGHTFOOT,   abt 1834

Parkin LIGHTFOOT,   1823

Rowland LIGHTFOOT,   1834

Sarah LIGHTFOOT,   1827

Thomas LIGHTFOOT ,  1837

William LIGHTFOOT,   1852

Cumberland Counties Contact A view of Buttermere. Buttermere.

These images of Buttermere were taken in 1964 by Ronald Hall.  

The hamlet of Buttermere lies between the lake of the same name and Crummock Water.  

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