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Born in this parish:

Crosby on Eden

St John the Evangelist, Crosby on Eden. Before the storm in Crosby on Eden. A stormy sky in Crosby on Eden. The Stag Inn, Crosby on Eden. Private residence in Crosby on Eden.

Memorials in Churchyard:

William Lightfoot, died 1820

Frederick Charles Lightfoot, died 1906

Isabella Lightfoot, died 1835

Robert Lightfoot, died 1913

Elizabeth Lightfoot, died 1850

Mary Thomlinson, died 1840

Other names are recorded on these gravestones.

Mary BATY,  Abt 1849

Robert FAWKES,  Abt 1799

Ann LEIGHTON,   1775

Catherine LEIGHTON,   1782

Mary LEIGHTON,   1782

Ann LIGHTFOOT,   1802

Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT,   1804

Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT,   1860

James LIGHTFOOT,   1857

James LIGHTFOOT,   Abt 1801

Margaret LIGHTFOOT,   1795

Margaret LIGHTFOOT ,  Abt 1862

Marion Borthwick LIGHTFOOT,   1875

Martha LIGHTFOOT,   1865

Robert LIGHTFOOT,   1805

Valentine LIGHTFOOT,   1773

William LIGHTFOOT,  1797

William LIGHTFOOT,   1799

William LIGHTFOOT,   1853

William John LIGHTFOOT,   1878

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A parish which combines the two small villages of High Crosby and Low Crosby.

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