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The road into Kirkoswald. On a cobbled street in Kirkoswald. Old stone buildings in Kirkoswald. Kirkoswald village A story sky over Kirkoswald. St Oswald, Kirkoswald. Inside St Oswald's Church. The altar in St Oswald's Church. St Oswald's Well.

St Oswald’s Well -  named in honour of Oswald, King of Northumbria 634-642 A.D.

Cross in St Oswald's Church.

These people from Kirkoswald have appeared in our research projects:


Wills - Contact us for details of names and relationships:

John BLAND,  1779

Ann LIGHTFOOT,   1780

Elizabeth LIGHTFOOT,   1795

Jacob LIGHTFOOT ,  1776

Rowland LIGHTFOOT,   16 March 1793

John STANGER ,  Abt 1832

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About nine miles from Penrith is the village and parish of Kirkoswald.  

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