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A road through Lazonby. A white cottage. Terraced cottages in Lazonby House in Lazonby village. Lazonby Church The aisle in Lazonby Church.

Born or baptised in this parish:


Alice COULTHARD, Abt 1859

Anne M COULTHARD, Abt 1854

George G COULTHARD, Abt 1847

Mary COULTHARD, Abt 1856

Richard COULTHARD, Abt 1819

Robert COULTHARD, 1849-1855

Alice GOULDING, Abt 1819

Julia LIGHTFOOT , 1881

Frances SNODEN, 1804


Information about transcripts of wills can be found here

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About eight miles from Penrith can be found the parish and village of Lazonby.  

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