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Newton Arlosh Church The crenalated tower of Newton Arlosh Church. The altar in Newton Arlosh Church. War Memorial.

Names on War Memorial


Gate, Gibson, Harrison, Hayston, Railton, Studholme, Varty, Weightman, Willis

We have photographed the gravestones of:

Robert and Eleanor Peat c. 1660

James Lightfoot 1912

Isaac Railton 1915

Thomas Railton 1921

Isaac Railton 1875

Thomas Watman 1774

Born in this place:

Newton Arlosh

John ANDERSON,  1824

Joseph FOULDER,   Abt 1905

Deborah Jane LIGHTFOOT,   1899

Jane LIGHTFOOT ,  1748

Jane LIGHTFOOT ,  1751

Jane LIGHTFOOT ,  1766

John LIGHTFOOT,   1754

Sarah LIGHTFOOT,   1759

Jane TORDIFF,   1847

John TORDIFF,   1743

Mary TORDIFF,   1842

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Newton Arlosh is a village near Carlisle.  The church was built as a  fortified church in the early 1300s.  

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